Ananda Goldrath

Principal Investigator

Ananda is Professor and Chair of the Molecular Biology Section in the Division of Biology at the University of California, San Diego where she started her lab in 2004.  

In 2011 Ananda was named a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Scholar, and in 2007 she was named a Pew Scholar. She is also a recipient of the Cancer Research Institute New Investigator Award, V Scholar Award and the Julia Brown Faculty Fellowship.  


Justin Milner

Postdoctoral Fellow

Project: Identifying novel regulators of CD8 T cell differentiation

Kyla Omilusik

Postdoctoral Fellow

Project: Examining the mechanism of Id2 protein stability in CD8+ T cells as well as the role Id2 and Id3 plays in the formation of CD8+ T cell memory populations following infection.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fellowship


Laura Shaw

Postdoctoral Fellow
Regis University, Colorado

Project: Examining the role of Id proteins in T cell activation, differentiation, and memory formation.

Tata Institute for Active Genetics and Society (TIAGS)


Bingfei Yu

Graduate Student

Project: Exploring the network of
transcription factors that underlies the differentiation of cd8 T cells
from naive to effector to memory cells.

Dr. Huang Memorial Scholarship

Quynh Nguyen.jpg

Quynh Nguyen

Graduate Student (Medical Scientist Training Program)

Project: TBD

Ilkka Liikanen

Postdoctoral Fellow

Project: Addressing the role of micro-environmental stimuli on anti-tumor immunity of T cells and deciphering transcriptional regulation of CD8 effector function and memory formation to maximize anti-tumor immunity.

Toan Nguyen

Staff Research Associate

Clara Toma

Undergraduate Student